XIth Conference of Bihar Mathematical Society (BMS) To be held on 7th and 8th July 2020.
Theme of Conference: Role of Mathematics in Science and Technology

Mathematics plays a very important role in interpreting and explaining every aspect of human knowledge in general and towards development of Science and Technology in particular. The importance of mathematics can be better judged by its application and uses in explaining the role of all branches of Science and Technology be it Physical Science, Medical Science, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Management Science etc. in their own domains of explorations. The development and power of nation is always judged in the background of its scientific and technological achievements. In the present scenario of global competitiveness and fast result orientation we need, in addition to qualitative and quantitative techniques, to equip ourselves in full zeal for computational competition as well to compete globally. The application of mathematics can be understood more fast and easily with the knowledge of computer techniques.

The role of a mathematics teacher and the mathematicians is to design the subject matter and curriculum in a way to explore (extend) the understanding of the subject matter and its applicability not only in the field of science and technology but in other branches of human knowledge too. Therefore, our stress should be focused in framing and designing the Syllabi so as to create affinity towards the subject without taxing much the minds off the students. The quest to extend the application of mathematics has paved the way to create new branches of mathematics as Cryptology, Nano Technology etc.

In nutshell, the applicability of mathematics can be extended to cope with the needs of the Universe in the years to come.

Aims and Objective of Bihar Mathematical Society (BMS):

The association of Bihar Mathematical Society was launched in 1958 to serve as the apex body of mathematics educators to promote excellence in mathematical education. The association provides a common platform for teachers, scientists and research scholars from different parts of the country to exchange ideas and improvements in the field of mathematics. It also provides advance mathematical education by means of curriculum and innovation in teaching and evaluation methodologies, to explore and nurture talent in mathematics by conducting Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) to collaborate with national and international mathematics standard and also organise Talent Search Test in Mathematics (TSTM) for school level students. The journal published by Bihar Mathematical Society is reviewed by American Mathematical Society regularly.

Major Themes:
Application of Mathematics in Agriculture.
Mathematics and Culture. Bio-Mathematics.
Application of Operation Research.
Mathematics as a tool of Social development.
Mathematics and Computer.
Teaching of Mathematics.
History of Mathematics. Application
of Functional Analysis and Topology.
Mathematical Model.
Theory of Linear operator.
Call for Paper :

Paper/Abstract/Posters related to the above noted themes are invited for publication and presentation. Abstract should be prepared in MS Word (English Arial Fonts only in not more than 300 words and must contain title, author's name, affiliation and address with email ID. Application should be submitted preferably by email and hard copy should also be sent by post at the given address. The last date of submission of Abstract is 25th June 2020.

Address for sending Paper/Abstract :
Dr. Vijay Kumar, P.G. Deptt. of Mathematics,
College of Commerce, Patna – 800 020
Mob.: 9835057735, 8051699927
Email: [email protected]
Registration Fee:
Faculty in College/University/Research Institution: Rs.600/- Research Scholar/Student/NGO Representatives: Rs.400/- Public Sector Institutions: Rs. 1000/-
Location :

College of Commerce, Patna - 20 is located in front of Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Patna. One can reach at College by train or bus easily.